James Speranta’s Roadmap


  • First Steps: Learning the shock of the diagnosis

  • Once you’ve gotten over the shock, your next course of action 

  • Setting up and organizing your home hospital 

  • When adverse reactions to chemo strike and anaphylactic shock

  • Inpatient to outpatient    

  • Home schooling 

  • Managing the medications 

  • Navigating medical bills and insurance companies

  • Meals for the family

  • Navigating life between hospital, home, and other children

  • Discussions with your employer and work from home

  • A community meal train essential

  • Mental health counseling

  • How to we managed the psychological and mental aspect of the treatment

  • You can either fold and go under a rock or you can come out swinging and fight

  • The side effects 

  • Watching out for the dangers of the well child 

  • The asking for help factor 

  • Combating the pit falls of the immune systems that comes with leukemia

DISCLAIMER:  This information is provided from the point of view of a parent who’s child has undergone successfully the course of treatment for ALL B-Cell Leukemia and is not intended to be taken as advice. Any mistakes are mine and mine alone and I will happy to correct these as necessary but the intention is to share my family’s experience with the hope that it will be helpful to others but not be taken as advice on best course of action. Each situation and individual is different so working closely with your Primary Oncologist and Nurse Practitioner is the only advice we can give.

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